Dear: clan i am online almost every day so if you want me to play just invite me, i like ipod touch because is a nice experience, if you want to add a photo of you playing you reply to this description or just send me your photo on ironmenpr17@aol.com and i will add that photo to this website, i like making site, blogs, and more o yea and making apps for iphone and ipod touch  and i pad to rite now this is an ipod touch app web app to get it for free just go to safari on your ipod touch or what ever you have and type this website witch is tbmclubs.wordpress.com and wait it to load and then just edit to you home screen by pressing +,  then option or add to home screen, add to bookmark, mail this page and click on add to home screen don’t rename it or anything just add it to your home screen and there you go you have my app yay!!!


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